Tuesday, October 7, 2008

one more thing

I have a very long, very boring commute several days a week, and in my quest to find anything that will keep me awake (and alert) I am usually pleased to see strange and/or funny things on the road. One of these things hit me like a ton of bricks the other day, and I did not respond quickly enough to snap a picture. I actually had to slow down, let him pass me, and then pass him again to get this shot. I believe it was worth it. (The picture quality is not super, but I think you get the idea.)

This, dear friends, is not a living creature, at least not any longer. You may not be able to tell here, but it is indeed a taxidermied dog (German Shepherd mix if I'm not off my game), clinging to the tailgate of a pickup truck, hair blowing in the wind, looking for all the world like a real (alive) dog in a very precarious situation.

It beats the heck out of the ridiculous billboard that has kept me entertained for the last few weeks.

ps-I have no picture of the billboard, but here's the cheese:

If you wake up tired and hungry, you didn't stay with us.

Go ahead and sort it out on your own.