Sunday, October 19, 2008

clues or distracters? you decide

The Cardinals prefer a short-term solution for their closer situation, and will likely give Chris Perez the ninth inning job, or seek a lower-budget option through the trade market. They may also trade a young outfielder for an established bat at a corner OF position.

Cardinals. Another of Peavy's preferred teams that is not a good fit. The Cardinals, facing multiple needs, do not want to invest in all of their available payroll and top prospects in one move.

On the Cardinals front, Joe Strauss says the team's scouts met this week and are enthusiastic about pursuing Peavy. Strauss's sources say Peavy's availability "loosened the organization's grip on younger talent." Viva El Birdos believes Peavy would cost top prospect Colby Rasmus and then some. Despite Towers' stated focus on starting pitching, an offer including Rasmus would have to give him pause.

So a note to all teams out there, here’s what it will take for you to get Jake Peavy from the Padres: your two top position player prospects and your best pitching prospect, and that’s at a minimum. You only qualify if all three of those players will be Major League-ready by Spring Training. Oh and all three must be on Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list.

Without further ado, Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list (2008):
#5 Colby Rasmus-OF
#85 Bryan Anderson-C
#97 Chris Perez-RHP
Two of these guys have my deepest sympathies and best wishes for their careers. Chris Perez we might need. But I don't know who that leaves for a trade. Maybe we could trade for the players we need to trade.