Friday, October 31, 2008

change the world

Happy Halloween!

Countdown to Election Day has begun... and don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour Saturday night/Sunday morning.
This is my favorite time of the year! Right after income tax season.

Absolutely zero (interesting) news from Cardinals-sphere, but fear not, I'm sure if anything important happens they'll let us know. Right?

Derrick Goold mentioned Brian Shouse recently as a new free agent.

LHP Brian Shouse, an Illinois native who for Milwaukee last year held lefties to a .180 average and struck out 28 in 100 at-bats against...

Albert is planning on playing for the Dominican Republic in the WBC. I'm sure this will make the Dominicans very happy.

Oh, and congratulations to the Phillies (belatedly) on their World Championship. It pleases me to see the NL take the trophy. Other than that I had really no preference for one team over the other. The Rays just don't have the experience yet. They are the baby of MLB, after all. They'll get there. Everyone has to start somewhere.