Thursday, October 2, 2008

don't read this

This was a comment left in response to this article from Jeff Gordon. I laughed when I read it (the comment, not the article). I realize that makes me a dork.

Stavinoha couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat...

It is FUN watching the Cubs lose. It was SUPER-FUN watching them lose like they did last night. 4 errors. Wow. What else can I say? Oh yeah, HA HA.

You know what their problem is? Their problem is they're reading their own press. They have bought into this curse nonsense whole-hog, and have effectively psyched themselves out. If they want to win, they're going to have to find some serious psychotherapy along the lines of Sigmund Freud and lay those internal conflicts on the couch, and they're going to have to do it now.

It's also fun watching the Brewers lose, although they aren't doing it nearly as well as the Cubs are. The Brewers are actually putting up a fight. That said, the Phillies are eating the Brewers alive. Not even CC could save them from the carnage. It won't be too much longer before the entire Phillies staring rotation is on my off-season please-I-pray-to-all-that-is-holy-in-baseball-and-I'm-talking-to-you-John-Mozeliak-sign-some-talent wish list.

I kind of feel for Sabathia. You know he knows his role on this team and it has nothing to do with being a long-term investment or even a good teammate (although I'm sure he is). His role is very simply to win games, go deep, and do it every three days if needed. Maybe that's his problem. Last night was his fourth straight start on two or three days rest, and the weight of carrying a team on his back is finally starting to show. He'd better be careful because if he burns himself out, the Yankees might take their lovin' somewhere else.

Warning: Non-baseball-related content to follow.

I watched the VP debate the other night (well, most of it, there was a Cubs game on, too) and I must say I was fairly disappointed. Governor Palin actually fumbled through quite adequately, and Joe Biden was as gentle as a lamb. She didn't actually answer roughly half the questions that were asked, and she continually reverted back to her safety blanket--energy (no surprise), but the one thing that really stood out for me was the off-handed comment she made when Sen. Biden mentioned how his wife had taught school for 30 years (he is a widower and is re-married). She remarked, "well, her reward is in heaven!" I have no idea if his living wife was the teacher or if it was in fact his late wife, but you must admit, either way, it's just a tad insensitive to express interest in one wife or the other being dead.

On a side note, I hate the whole teen pregnancy nonsense. I hate that no one will address it and I hate that she won't pony up and address it herself. Mostly, though, I hate that her 17-year old daughter is getting married. Pregnant or not, no one should get married at 17 (or even 18). Either her parents are allowing her to get married (and they should be ashamed), or they are making her get married (and they should be imprisoned).

Anyway, no, it wasn't the laugh-fest nor the gutting I'd hoped for, but when push comes to shove Biden still won and that's all that really matters anyway. No, I'm not a McCain-Palin supporter. Would I like to see a woman as president? Sure. Would I like to see a box-headed ditz with about as much political sense (not to mention common sense) as my parakeet as president? No, thank you. And don't try to tell me that if he were elected she wouldn't end up as president, because he's 72 and no beacon of health. I don't like the odds.

Obama-Biden 2008. (Did you know he has his own channel on satellite? Wow.)

Just an aside on the box-headed thing, she has that ridiculously square head, a jaw that would make John Lynch jealous, a hair-do with bees circling it, and she throws SQUARE GLASSES on top of all that. Does she have a style advisor? And if so, what is this person smoking? Soften it up a little, sister!