Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Game ONE (

I finally tried a Frutista Freeze from Taco Bell, and I'd like to recommend everyone out there go and pick one up tomorrow with your free taco. Assuming there's a stolen base, that is.

I'm currently sipping my fruity, frozen, mango-licious (with just the perfect amount of strawberry-ness) treat while listening to the ever-supportive Rays fans boo and hiss the Phillies as they announce the lineup. I hate cowbells.

How is it that I never noticed the number 1 and 2 batters for the Rays wear numbers 1 and 2, respectively?

The Star Spangled Banner is being performed by The Backstreet Boys? What? But wait, there's someone missing...
Seriously though. If you'd told me they all had died or been abducted by aliens, I would have said, "Huh. Well, what do you know!" In other words, I would have believed you. And I wouldn't have given it another thought. This almost rivals the Rays electing the president of baseball operations (or whoever he was) to throw out their first pitch in the playoffs. Just a young organization with a desperate need for some history or fame or something interesting they can talk about. A World Series trophy might be a good start, no?

Rays: 150 to 1 odds in Vegas at the start of the season. Phillies: first World Series appearance since 1993 (which was 5 or so years before Tampa even had a baseball team).

Cole Hamels vs Scott Kazmir.

I think that's enough warm-up. Let's get on with the game, shall we, Joe?