Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my thoughts on "Jake"

If we do go after Peavy (and for the record I'd be all for that), it won't be without competition from some other teams. The Braves in particular have expressed interest, and one journalist gives them a better chance based on the fact that Jake hails from the South.
Jake made $6 million this year and is owed $60 million over the next four years.
Considering the circumstances, the money, and the fact that Moze has all but said he won't go after any more starters, I'd say acquiring Peavy is a long shot at best. I'm sure he's ready to get out of San Diego, and I'm sure the Padres may be willing to eat some of his contract in order to clear up some cash and bring in some young talent, but overall, I wouldn't count on the price being tempting enough to get Moze to rethink the rotation.
That being said, IFFFFF Carp were to experience a serious setback or re-injury, things could change dramatically. Now forget you read that and let's get back to reality.