Monday, October 13, 2008

just what nobody needed

Albert had surgery. Let's just let that sink in. After being completely wishy-washy with the media on the subject, he snuck around behind our backs and got it done. Surprising? Completely not. Worrysome? Completely so. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see what this means for next season. It could be nothing and he'll be ready to go for ST. It could be a mess and cause him to lose significant time. Knowing Albert and his bionic man way of healing, it'll be the former. 

I can't say I'm not just a touch nervous, though. Is there anything else we need to know? 

Adam Wainwright's not thinking of taking an immersion course in Spanish in the jungles of the Amazon, is he? 

Does Troy Glaus want to be the first third-baseman to circle the globe in a hot-air balloon? 

Is Ryan Ludwick going to enter every pie-eating contest in Texas this winter? 

Is Rick Ankiel thinking of going back to pitching?