Thursday, March 5, 2009

with a name like Reyes . . .

First of all, every time I see this guy's name, I think of greasy breakfasts and open-all-night diners where drunk people go for coffee when all the bars have closed but nobody wants to go home. It's probably pronounced like "Dennis", but maybe not. According to B-R, he pitched 46 1/3 innings in 75 appearances last year for the Mellizos, ending up with a 2.33 ERA (yes, I still like ERA) and a 1.187 WHIP. Not too shabby. More stat-savvy bloggers will probably counter with some outrageous FWAP or TWIRP or SMUT that I've never heard of (and no knock on them, they're much smarter than me), but until I hear differently, I'm a little bit psyched about this. Knowing the front office, he's not making much money, and if we can get a few good LOOGY innings out of him to complement Miller, well then, super. 

Update: USA Today has some figures. 2 years/$3 million and some incentives.