Tuesday, March 31, 2009

spare parts?

Starting pitchers
1. 29 Carpenter
2. 50 Wainwright
3. 26 Lohse
4. 37 Wellemeyer
5. 35 Piñeiro

31 Franklin
52 Kinney
46 McClellan
43 Miller
60 Motte
36 Reyes
48 Thompson
44 Isringhausen

21 LaRue
4 Molina
23 Barden
3 K. Greene
5 Pujols
13 Ryan
55 Schumaker

24 Ankiel
16 Duncan
47 Ludwick
7 Mather
28 Rasmus

15-day DL
64 García
8 Glaus

60-day DL

40-man Roster
54 Barton
68 Boggs
67 T. Greene
77 Hawksworth
70 Hoffpauir
56 Manning
34 Pérez
78 Scherer
61 Stavinoha

So I'm waiting. Yep. Just sitting idly, twiddling my thumbs, thinking about the word "twiddle" (and smiling), and hoping to hear soon who #25 is going to be. Well, not #25 strictly speaking, but the 25th person to occupy the 25-man roster. You see, by my count, there are 24 able bodies on said roster, and I find it hard to imagine Moze and TLR (or either individually) saying to themselves (or himself), "Ehh. Maybe 24's enough." Right?

12 pitchers. 2 catchers. 5 infielders. 5 outfielders. 2 infielders who could be outfielders. 2 outfielders who could be infielders. One outfielder who used to be a pitcher. One pitcher who used to be a catcher. 2 starters who used to be relievers. 2 relievers who want to be starters. One catcher who shaves his legs. One outfielder who has titanium parts.

Whew. (The word "fielder" has lost all meaning for me.)

ML put up the rotation, and it looks like Wainwright will get the start on opening day. Carp is being saved for the fourth spot in the order, and I heard somewhere (sorry, if it was from you) that it had something to do with the upcoming series against the Cubs.

I can definitely feel the excitement in the air. We're in the final stretch here, sports fans! 6 days until opening day. Seems like it's been forever.