Friday, March 13, 2009

unas quejas

Today's round of the UCB Roundtable is up at the Redbird Blog, and it's definitely worth a read. My turn to interrogate the ranks comes on Monday, so make sure you check back then. 

Nothing else much is going on right now. We're all patiently awaiting the start of the regular season (or maybe the continuation of the World Baseball Classic--there are a couple of games on Saturday that I won't get to see, and then a couple on Sunday that I couldn't care less about but which will be available to me, unless, of course, PR happens to lose to the US *ha ha* on Saturday, in which case I will get to see them on Sunday instead of having to wait until Monday), and trying to keep up with Spring Training progress (the Cardinals play two games today that won't be broadcast!) while we endure ridiculously bipolar weather (which means it's cold today but there are already bugs around and my seasonal allergies have declared war on me). 

How are things with you? Well, it's Friday, so I'm not going to take up too much of your time. Have a good weekend!