Tuesday, March 10, 2009

venting my frustrations

The WBC. 

MLB wants viewers (I assume), but apparently it's more important to them to push their network than provide coverage that's reasonably available to fans. No, I can't get MLBN. (And yes, I realize there are venues through which I could watch the games that I'm missing, but that's not the point. If you want me to watch baseball, shouldn't I just be able to turn it on? I have cable and everything.) But I'm not bitter. 

All right, just ignore me. I'm going to try and refocus on the Cardinals. I don't have any comment on the AP SI cover except that it's not a super flattering picture (really) and yes, I believe in Albert. Everyone's entitled to his own opinion, and mine is that Albert is above reproach. Obviously I don't know him personally, and maybe if I were a fan of another team instead of the Cardinals I would feel differently about it. The fact is, though, that I don't doubt him for a second. Maybe people are concerned that if they support him they'll regret it later and don't want to look stupid, but I have no fear. No way does anyone ever convince me that Albert has ever done anything even remotely unfair. I'd still love him if he had, but he hasn't. That is my unwavering stance on the issue. (Okay, maybe I did have an opinion.) 

The latest Roundtable round is up over at The Cardinal Virtue. Check it out. 

Adam Ottavino pitched a few innings for Italia this afternoon and did a remarkably adequate job. He held los venezolanos to 1 hit and no runs, and did have some trouble finding the strike zone early on, but overall was fairly impressive. Unfortunately for Italy, they decided to take him out of the game, and things went downhill fast. As I type, the Venezuelan team is up 10-1 in their half of the 8th and the announcers have already eliminated Italy from the Classic. Oh well. It is Italy, after all.