Thursday, March 19, 2009

a is for anchor

I really meant to write earlier today, but you know how time can get away from you when you're procrastinating. 

First, some catching up on the Roundtable, since the last question was asked today and will be posted tomorrow over at C70 at the bat. Recently, 5 O'Clock Blogger took on the Mark McGwire issue, 4thebirds covered the Cardinals' offseason approach, and The Redbird Blog asked us for our bold predictions for 2009. Stop by and find out what we had to say on the subjects. 

Next up, some of the comings and goings at Camp Cardinal. Chris Perez is having arm issues, and seeing as he's a pitcher, this figures to affect his "employability". Jason Motte pitched a four-out save today (I tuned in just in time to hear it) and sounded pretty good. The twitter buzz has it he's working a slider. Izzy pitched an inning against the 'Birds (a scoreless fifth), which I was lucky enough to miss. (sniff) Be careful with my guy there, Joe Maddon. He's sensitive. 

The new Play Like a Cardinal commercials are up on the Official Site for your viewing pleasure. I like 'em all, but my favorite (believe it or not) is Yadi's. I've often wondered if he could block balls with his eyes closed. (His was my favorite last year, too, in which he caught two pitchers at the same time. Classic.) I was hoping they'd find a way to feature Chris Duncan in some sort of Bionic Man-type "we can rebuild him, we have the technology" sequence. Maybe next year.