Monday, March 30, 2009


Chris Perez, our savior-I mean, saver-I mean, closer-I mean, ninth inning pitcher-I mean, pitcher... wait, what I was I talking about? 

Oh, right. Perez was optioned to Memphis today, presumably to make room for another middle infielder like, um... well, I don't know, actually. Barden? Thurston? Is Ottavino an infielder? I guess technically pitchers do work in the infield, right? 

Anyway, TLR thinks that Perez needs more, regular playing time, and he isn't going to get it at the expense of the big club unless he's really, truly ready. 

Colby Rasmus won the game for the embirded ones (eh?) after a series of stooge-like mistakes by both teams. I would've liked to see the game today, just to try and catch a glimpse of the message allgedly scrawled across Hanley Ramirez' chest in permanent marker. (Not that he normally takes off his shirt during games, don't get too excited, but maybe if the sun caught him just right and the wind was cooperating, you never know.) 

Personally, I think the whole "no jewelry/hair neatly trimmed" is a wonderful policy and I often wish the Cardinals had a similar rule. No one on our team gets too over-the-top with the bling (although the hair has started to become an issue), but I don't see the need for chains and earrings on the field, and if anything, they're an injury risk. The hair is more about appearance. I like the clean-cut, clean-shaved, jewelry-less look on my ball players. 

Speaking of hair, did you see Yadi? I Googled for "Molina blonde", "Yadier bleach", and various other combinations of words, but apparently no one is talking about it yet. Well, just so you know, Yadi has dyed his hair yellow/gold. It's awful. I was speechless when I first saw it, even with the warning I got from Al (who speculated that Yadi dyed it to match his gold glove, and you cannot imagine how desperately I hope that isn't true...), but I did manage to tweet about it a little. Or a lot. Yadi, te amo, pero este look no es para ti. 

What else... Glaus was officially placed on the 15-day DL, and I put him on my fantasy DL also. Oh, and the UCB is centralized now. We have a homepage/main site where links will be posted to all the participating blogs for each project, as well as a twitter roll and a blog roll for the member blogs. PHE set it all up, so stop by and have a look around. And be sure to check out all the 2009 predictions.