Saturday, January 3, 2009

we're not cheap... ish

Bernie's latest article reminds us that the off-season is far from over, there are still plenty of fish in the sea, and having the worst job in the league is a distinction Jim Haslett should be proud of. Oh, and Tony wants a new closer or he's going to do something really drastic.

So besides the obvious truth-bending and the failure to actually say anything of substance or commit to any figure, DeWitt basically almost kind of halfway promised the fans that he may or may not possibly spend any more money. That's right, promised.

Aside from all that, I'm willing to give DeWitt and Mozeliak the benefit of the doubt regarding payroll and player acquisition (even though I still reserve the right to say 'I told you so' if it turns out that there is some covert, evil plan afoot). After all, other clubs' fans are busily complaining about the same things Cards' fans have been complaining about, and with few exceptions, nobody has made any really big moves. (Unless you count the Cubs shuffling players like a blackjack dealer.) Of course, that doesn't mean our time is infinite. I hope they're ready to back-up their equivocal words with ambiguous (and possibly reduntant) action, 'cause nobody will wait forever.

LaRussa reiterated his reluctance to give the closing job to the rookies, and then threatened to have Carpenter's arms and legs broken use Carp in that capacity if the higher-ups don't bring in a veteran to close games. Seems like we've seen that tactic used by Tony in the past. (Although he isn't exactly known for his use of restraint when it comes to the bullpen. Just the opposite, in fact.) To put it succinctly, I'm not okay with Carp closing, I don't care what the options are.

I'm still upset about losing Miles, but after reading lots of opinions and arguments, I'm willing to concede that at least a small part of my dismay comes from the fact that he didn't just leave the Cardinals, he left the Cardinals for the Cubs. It's bad enough when certain players move on, but to see them take up arms with the enemy is just too much to bear. I think I would have been better able to deal with it had he signed with the Padres or the Mets or even the Reds. (Yes, I said the Mets.)

So where are we this off-season? We re-signed Lohse, picked up Greene and Miller, let go of Springer, Looper, López, and Miles, and.... Well, judging by the numbers alone, I'd say we're in the red. (Or black. I can never remember which is the bad one.) Anyway, we're negative to the tune of a starting pitcher, a closer, and probably one more lefty reliever.

Suggestions: Sign Andy Pettitte to a 2-year/$20 million deal. Sign Ohman to a two-year/$10 million deal. Trade outfielder X (Ankiel, Schumaker, or Ludwick, or any combination of three minor leaguers) for a past-his-prime-but-still-effective-when-he's-healthy right-handed veteran closer... hey wait, don't we have one of those?