Monday, January 5, 2009

there's gotta be a cute title in here somewhere

This is what I wrote regarding the Braves (specifically el pitcheo) after we faced them at the end of July...

It's funny, but watching the Braves pitchers (sadly) reminds me of our staff. The starters are (for the most part) solid, but the bullpen tends to give up damaging runs late in the game.

I don't remember Royce Ring in particular, but maybe that's because there was nothing memorable about him.

Well, now the lefty reliever is ours. He pitched reasonably well (albeit a small sample) in '06 and '07, but had a terrible year last year, posting an 8+ ERA before being designated for assignment in early August (shortly after the series with the Cards). He hasn't pitched in the majors since then.

More details about the deal are due today. Will he be a AAAer or a big leaguer? Does it matter?