Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pitching tuesday (brevemente)

Andy Pettitte re-signed with the New York "we [heart] capitalism" Yankees, which disappoints me somewhat. I think he would have rounded out our rotation quite nicely, and while I realize that he probably wouldn't have given any other team (namely, us) the obvious discount he gave the Steinbrenners, I don't think it would have cost us an arm and a leg either. Yes, he's approaching the end of his career, and yes, he declined a bit last year, but I still like him, and no, I don't have any fabulous reasons for this.

Spring Training starts soon, and chances are once we see what we've got (and other teams take stock as well), there might still be some deals waiting to be done.

Wish I had more....

Oh, well, I do have this. There's an article to accompany it (en español) which basically says that some designer (Adam Norton) turned a dresser/wardrobe into a "house" (if you can call it that), complete with bed, kitchen, and bathroom, and which is described as "not small, [but rather] intimate." Everything in the "house" serves double-duty except, the author hopes (as do I), the trash can which collects "intestinal excretions." There's also an article in English, if you're interested (although it's not as funny). Enjoy!