Monday, January 5, 2009

béisbol puertorriqueño

The reigning champions, los Gigantes de Carolina (the puertorrican team for which Yadi plays and which Oquendo manages) were officially eliminated from contention Friday. They played two games in a row, on Friday and then Saturday, against los Criollos, and needed to win both of them in order to have any chance at climbing back into fourth place. They lost Friday, cementing their place in the basement, but won Saturday and (as good spoilers are wont to do) ensured that los Criollos would have to play (and beat) the first-place Leones in order to stay in the postseason mix.

No one on los Gigantes played particularly good baseball this season, including our Yadi, who ended up with a .190 average. The GM, Enrique Cruz, said that there will be changes made before next winter, though he made no specific mention of Oquendo in particular. Cheíto (Oquendo) said that he wants to return, but realizes it is up to management. He puts some of the blame for the disappointing season on the fact that some players who had committed to playing never showed up.

Contábamos con unos muchachos desde el principio, que no estuvieron, y lo que conseguimos (en reemplazo) no fue lo que esperábamos.

We counted on some guys from the beginning, who weren't there, and what we got (in replacement) was not what we were expecting.

The link to the roster is here, and you can see for yourself how dismal the numbers were. Not hitting needs no translation.