Friday, January 9, 2009

pensamientos revueltos

I have written another spastic post. I'd thought I'd give a little forewarning this time. Read at your own risk.

David Brown has made a plea for MLB to bring back the stirrups, and I wholeheartedly second this suggestion. (And not just because David appealed to my love for A-Rey, I promise.)

Indians right-hander Anthony Reyes is one of my favorite ballplayers. Oh, not because he can pitch.... No, Reyes exudes coolness to me because of his socks, specifically that he wears old-fashioned stirrups over them. He wears 'em long and he wears 'em thick. Can we say "badass" here on the Yahoo!? Because that's what Reyes' socks are. They're badass.

Yes! Yes! A million times Yes! 

Okay, it hurts a little bit to read about Anthony as the "Indians right-hander", but other than that, I think DB is on to something. 

The stirrups were bold. 

They were tight. 

They kept players' pants legs from getting caught in their bicycle gears as they rode to the ice cream parlor after Sunday games. (Isn't that a darling picture?) 

Oh, and can you imagine how ridiculous Prince Fielder would look in them? That alone would be enough of a reason.

Other things on my mind (and yes, there are a lot, because of all the empty space up there, but I'll try to narrow it down to the comprehensible stuff):

I still want Pettitte. We probably (ha ha!) aren't going to sign him (or even try), but such reasons have never been enough to stop me from wanting Bonnie Hunt's hair or a car that runs on Sweetgum fruit a.k.a. gumballs from hell (anybody know what I'm talking about?), and they won't stop me now. I tell you what, I wanted him before the wave of calm washed over Cardinal Nation, and even though he's (a) old, and (b) not the best hitting pitcher (though he's not the worst either), I still want him. (As much as anyone can want a 36-year old LHSP with 14 years of ML experience including two All Star selections, two 20+ win seasons, a lifetime ERA of 3.89, and a 215-inning per 162 games average, anyway.) I won't give in to the peer pressure.

So what if he's been linked to "steroids"? How many other Cardinals are on that same list?

So what if he's got a history of arm problems? Obviously he used HGH and fixed them. (But in all seriousness, HGH is bad and no one should ever use it unless that person happens to be a young boy with a hormone deficiency. And now back to your regularly scheduled program.)

So what if he's a disloyal cretin (although considering his height maybe this is a misleading insult) whose best friend is a cheating pendejo? We wouldn't be paying him to be a good person, just a good pitcher. Besides which, being disloyal to the Yankees is like telling Corky Simpson that you didn't mean to forget his birthday (and heck if you wouldn't get him something if you had it to do over again).

Not that it matters. Obviously Mozeliak is done shopping and has decided that he's good for shoes. But that's okay, because the only thing that matters now is that Spring Training starts soon (36 days until pitchers and catchers report, 47 days until the first game against the Marlins), which means there will finally be some real baseball to talk about again.

You know, when all is said and done, the trades and acquisitions during the off-season really don't mean much. I know all us fans and bloggers spend a lot of energy thinking about them and a lot of time discussing them, but when you get right down to it, baseball's not about how much money each player is making or how many minor leaguers get traded, or even which team spends the most. When you get down to the heart of it, baseball is about nine guys and twenty-seven outs and a bat and a ball. Heaven help me, but I'm ready for some baseball.