Sunday, November 30, 2008

too much tryptophan (yawn)

The news is ridiculously slow these days, and I'm bored. Here are two things I learned from the Cubs' site: (1) Carlos Marmol will be the Cubs' closer next year, and (2) Lou Piniella has denied that his team has any interest in signing Jake Peavy. Apparently they're now happy with their starting five, including Marquis. Re: Marmol, I was expecting it. Re: Peavy, I don't believe it for a second. But we'll see. I still think they'd trade for him if all the pieces fell into place. And here's antother crumb I picked up from Yahoo! Sports: The Cards think of Aaron Miles as a "super utility man." I know I've always thought of him that way, I'd just never heard anyone phrase it quite like that before. I'm picturing him with a cape flapping in the wind, and a giant felt "S" on his chest.