Monday, November 3, 2008

don't let the door hit ya

I tagged Kelvin Jimenez in exactly one post this season (although I wrote about him a little bit more than that), and here is what I said:

Kelvin Jimenez is a terrible pitcher. He's just not good. Can we all finally agree on that? Seriously, if your team is ahead by 10 (and then by 6 after you give up some late-inning goods) and you get pulled with only one out left to record, how do you look at yourself in the mirror? I mean, with a six-run margin, how many bad pitchers get left out there? But not you. You're not even as good as bad. You're awful. Dreadful. Shockingly, upsettingly worthless.

Jimenez, a guy with serious control issues who gets lucky sometimes (this being the only reason his ERA isn't in the double or triple-digits), is called on basically when everyone else is tired or when it's early and the better pitchers are being saved for later.

Needless to say (and by the way, I hate that saying, I just felt it was appropriate), I shed nil a tear upon learning of his departure from the Redbirds organization. God have mercy on the Blue Jays' fans.

Sorry, Kelvin. I know you're a person, and possibly even a decent one, but maybe you should consider a career change.