Saturday, November 15, 2008

in mid-air

Can we not figure out some way to compromise with Lopez on the length/price of his contract? I'd really like to see him stay with the Cardinals. I'd also like someone to explore the option of using Miles and Ryan in a platoon situation at short. I suppose the only problem with that is their not-quite extraordinary offensive numbers, right? And what would be so bad about bringing back Edgar Rentería? He played well in STL, and while he was mildly disappointing in Detroit, it's been pretty strongly argued that he's better in the NL than the AL (which is true for a lot of players). He's only 33. He has incentive to do well. Of course, there's still the issue of Kennedy and where his future will lead him. If he stays in STL, he won't get the playing time he wants, but if he goes somewhere else, will that be the case there as well? Does anyone need him? Poor guy. Here's the roster as I see it:

Starting pitchers
1. 29 Chris Carpenter
2. 50 Adam Wainwright
3. 26 Kyle Lohse
4. 37 Todd Wellemeyer
5. 35 Joel Piñeiro
....41 Braden Looper FA

If we need another fifth starter, I vote for Looper. He was a good fit, and I think he's probably as good as any other pitcher out there that we have a realistic shot at landing. That being said, I sincerely hope Carp can come back and pitch like he used to.

34 Randy Flores
31 Ryan Franklin
44 Jason Isringhausen FA
52 Josh Kinney
46 Kyle McClellan
68 Chris Pérez
36 Russ Springer FA
48 Brad Thompson
27 Ron Villone FA

I wouldn't mind letting Villone go. I know not all his ugly stats are his fault, and he did have some pretty rough assignments, but as far as overall impressions go, I wasn't struck by his stuff.
I think if Johnson is healthy and Flores can figure out what the heck happened to him last year, one more lefty would finish the balance nicely. (Not Fuentes.) Someone like Shouse or Ohman would fit the bill without breaking the bank. As far as the closer situation, bringing in someone to share closing duties with Perez would take some of the pressure off Perez (and Tony). I know we're probably not likely to look at Gagne or Wood or Hoffman, but maybe we should. Especially someone like Hoffman, who is maybe a little past his prime (no offense, Trevor), would be able to mentor Perez and the other young guys, while at the same time not having to shoulder the entire closing responsibility.

21 Jason LaRue
4 Yadier Molina

Nothing to say here. I think we've got this area all locked up.

8 Troy Glaus
7 Adam Kennedy ???
22 Felipe López FA
12 Aaron Miles
5 Albert Pujols
13 Brendan Ryan

Bring back Lopez, sign Rentería, let Miles continue to be the phenomenal utility player he is, and find someone to take Kennedy. At this point, I'd be comfortable covering $3 million of his salary just so that he's not taking up space on the bench. Ryan is either going to find his big league rhythm this year or he's going to end up somewhere else. I really hope it's the former.

24 Rick Ankiel
47 Ryan Ludwick
55 Skip Schumaker

I see Barton at Memphis next year, and I see him staying there unless he does something worth noticing. I think that Tony would have sent him to Memphis last year if his hands hadn't been tied with the Rule 5 and whatnot, because I don't think he was ever really comfortable with him anywhere in the outfield (and neither was I). If Duncan can play (fingers crossed), this area is pretty well cemented also. At least I'm happy with it. If, however, Duncan is done, left field could very easily be a good place to bring in a big bat. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Barry Bonds. Now I'm just going to walk away.

15-day DL

60-day DL
16 Chris Duncan
19 Tyler Johnson

40-man Roster
-- Brian Barden
-- Brian Barton
-- Mitchell Boggs
-- Jaime García
-- Blake Hawksworth
-- Jarrett Hoffpauir
-- Charlie Manning
-- Joe Mather
-- Jason Motte
-- Mike Parisi
-- Nick Stavinoha
-- Mark Worrell