Monday, November 17, 2008

hail the conquering hero

So maybe there is some merit to these awards after all. The baseball writers of America have actually gotten it right and given El Hombre the credit and recognition he deserves. We all know and have known for some time that he is without doubt the most valuable player in the National League (and really, in all of baseball, arguably for the better part of a decade). Even though Ryan Howard may not really know what that means, Cardinal Nation does. We watch baseball greatness every day. We understand how critical his contribution is, not only on the field, not only at the plate, but as a team leader, community leader, and humanitarian. Albert finished the 2008 season with 37 HR, 100 R, 160 RC, 116 RBI, 104 BB, 54 K, .462 OBP, .653 Slg, 1.115 OPS, and a .357 BA. And that's just his offense. Howard finished the '08 season with 48 HR, 105 R, 113 RC, 146 RBI, 81 BB, 199 K, .339 OBP, .543 Slg, .882 OPS, and a .251 BA. And that's just his offense (but with a slightly different emphasis.) Anyone else notice that Albert's BA was higher than Howard's OBP? That says a lot right there! sidebar: If they ever do decide to name an award after Albert, it will go the player who demonstrates not only excellence in play, service to the community, and overall good-sportsmanship, but also who is completely unappreciated and undervalued by the national sports media on a fairly regular basis.