Friday, July 25, 2008

the worst so far

Well, no one can blame our bullpen for this one. 

7-2 loss against the Mets and now we're sliding fast with a five-game skid and no signs of picking up. 

Who is this person wearing Albert's uniform? 'Cause it CAN'T be José Alberto Pujols. 

He hasn't hit a HR since July 4. 

That's 16 games, 56 at-bats, and 20 hits he's had that weren't home runs. 

In that time he's hit five doubles, driven in eight, struck-out three times, walked eight times, and stolen base twice. He has a .357 average in those 16 games, and yet somehow he just doesn't seem like Albert. 

Where would this team be without him? No wonder he's the face of the Cardinals. 

The offense has been lackluster (and no, that isn't what I really want to type, it's just a euphemism) for the entire home stand and this first game in NY. Yes, we won all four against the Pads (but seriously, it was the Pads) but even then, we weren't scoring like we're capable and at least three (possibly all four, I'll check later) of the wins were come from behind. And while that is something in itself, it only works if the other team has a pitching staff you can get to, and that is precisely how the Brewers came from behind to get us in that disaster of a series. 

Re: the Brewers series 
You can't count on late-inning heroics every game.

Re: the short starts by the starting pitchers 
You can't count on your bullpen to pitch five innings every night. 

Re: the lack of offense (especially late in games) 
You can't count on your 'pen shutting down the other team every night. 

Re: the poor performance of the bullpen 
You can't count on scoring fifteen runs every game in order to win. 

Attn: every other bat in the lineup 
You can't count on Albert to hit grand slams every time he comes to bat.