Tuesday, July 1, 2008

will big mac land again?

I don't condone the use of "performance-enhancing" drugs. For one, I don't think they really give athletes the edge that everyone believes. For another, they are dangerous and harmful to your body. Add to that the fact that young kids are using them because they see their idols doing it, and it all stinks. However, I am willing to forgive those who have used steroids or human growth hormone or both because it's in the past. As long as it stays in the past, there's no problem.
Having said that, I would love to see Mark McGwire back in baseball. There are rumblings that he wants to return to the game in a coaching capacity--batting coach, specifically. He has long participated in various aspects of the Cardinals' spring training and other off-season activities, and Chris Duncan, Skip Schumaker and others spend time every off-season weight training with him and getting his advise on hitting. He is undoubtedly one of the most well-known figures in Cardinals history, mostly because of his ability to go yard, but at least partly because of his association with Jose Canseco and the steroid scandal. He was called to testify in front of Congress for the Mitchell investigation, and basically said he had no comment. The "experts" on ESPN believe he should come clean and hold a press conference to confess and apologize to the American people before being allowed to return to the game. I believe that we should let it go and move on with our lives. I want to see him coach (especially if it's with St Louis) and think he would be a valuable addition to any staff. Everybody's got baggage, people. That shouldn't stop him from contributing.