Monday, July 21, 2008

some words about pitching

Whether they combine to form a coherent thought is, well, still undecided.

The stats for each of the current starters (in games which they started regardless of whether the pitcher got a decision):
►average runs scored by our offense in team wins
►average runs scored by our offense in team losses

Lohse, Kyle (12-2)
For the most part, he's very reliable. As they keep mentioning on the broadcasts, he only has 2 losses in his last 33 starts (over two seasons). That's best in the majors, if you're keeping track.
As with all our starters, he doesn't go as deep into games as one would like, but he went seven innings in each of his last four starts, and he does go deeper more often than shallower (if that makes any sense--I warned you).
Right now, he's our ace simply because he keeps winning. He doesn't seem to have that special "leader" attitude, but that could be traced back to the fact that he doesn't have a contract past the end of this season and Moze seems reluctant to go down that road. If it were me, I'd probably be hesitant to put down roots, too.

Wellemeyer, Todd (8-4)
He hasn't been the most reliable, but when he's feeling good, he's been okay. If he gets enough run support--which he generally does--he gets a win. If not, the results aren't as good, because he does tend to give up quite a few runs. He was the NL pitcher of the month in May, but it's July now. The tide has changed. (And on a side note, this is just one more reason to add to my list of reasons why accolades can damage performance.)
At any rate, he had a solid start (after a couple of rough innings) on Saturday, and I'm looking for things to improve for the Kentucky Colonel. He's definitely got the stuff it takes to be a quality big league pitcher.

Wainwright, Adam (6-3)
He will pitch again this season. Period. If we have to get into the post-season to see it, well then, so be it. The latest news on him is that he's expected to start throwing from a mound within the next two weeks.

Looper, Braden (9-7)
The guy I thought would take over when Adam got hurt--in terms of leadership, winning percentage, and general top-doggery--has been kind of disappointing. He's still a good pitcher, but he seems to take a step back for every step forward. For me, he's the hardest to figure out on this staff. He was a reliever for so long that maybe there are still some residual effects from the change into a starter, although you would hope that goes away after a full year in the rotation. Right now he's at about the same level he was last year, so maybe this is just who he is: A good pitcher that streaks hot and cold like a hitter (and whom I'll never figure out).

Piñeiro, Joel (3-4)
Tony apparently does not agree with Joel's attitude toward losing. If you want to make it on this club, you have to want it.
As far as his abilities, he's right up there with our other starters. In other words, he's a good pitcher, he has definitely benefitted from working with Duncan, and he has his good and bad days. Unfortunately for Joel, he's the Anthony Reyes of the staff right now in that if there's a hard luck loss to be had, it's his. It's nothing he's doing wrong, it's just fate or some such nonsense.

Carpenter, Chris
He started yesterday at AA Springfield, and by all accounts was right where he was expected to be in his recovery. They say his command was off--he walked four--but was getting his fastball up to a solid 92 and struck-out four as well. Only half of his 65 or so pitches got in for strikes, but he only gave one hit over four innings.
He declared himself "not ready" for big league work just yet, but now that his rehab has begun, he's got 30 days before he'll have to rejoin the club or be placed back on the DL. The Cardinals expect him back sometime in early August.

García, Jaime
He's back at Memphis for now, partly because Tony wants a fresh arm for the series against Milwaukee, and partly because the Brewers tend to be very hard on lefties.

Boggs, Mitchell (3-1)
He's back up in exchange for García, and aside from one bad outing in his last start, Boggs was very effective this season for the club. He'll be in 'pen to supplement a bunch of guys that worked very hard in the four-game sweep of the Padres.

Mulder, Mark
He's going to take a nap for a while and see if that makes him feel any better.

Clement, Matt
Anybody else forget about this guy completely? Or was it just me?