Tuesday, July 22, 2008

in closer situ, part 1

Memo to the opposing lineup: You can get to our bullpen. (Don't worry, it's no secret.)

A late inning rally by the 'Birds was dismantled by the 'pen when Ryan Franklin gave up three runs in the top of the tenth last night to put the Brewers back on top. The offense was unable to answer back, and Milwaukee took game one of this four-game set at Busch.

I do not like "Frankie" in the closer role. He's a good pitcher and he definitely rounds out the bullpen, but I don't think he's got the experience to deal with the stress of the job on a long-term basis. Once in a while--under the right circumstances--would be fine with me, but there have been too many disappointing outings from him and I would rather see someone else. Is it too late to get Troy Percival back?

Russ Springer, who pitched a scoreless seventh, has allowed just two earned runs over his last 34 outings (25-2/3 innings, 0.70 ERA). Yahoo! Sports

Yes, Pat, we can hope.