Sunday, July 20, 2008

miles and miles (and miles)

Yes, that's right, Aaron Miles hit his second career grand slam--his third home run of the season--and won it in the bottom of the ninth for the Redbirds. Of course, none of it would have been possible without Izzy. 

We were plugging along, fighting for the sweep, and then with Miles on-base, Ankiel gave us our first run of the afternoon with a double in the first. 

Albert drove in number two in the seventh with a sac fly, and Glaus drove in Miles and Ludwick in the eighth with a three-run shot to make it 5-3. 

Izzy, possibly knowing what drama was in store, decided to give two of the runs back. He only recorded one out in the ninth before being replaced with Thompson, but he had accomplished what he went out to accomplish--a tie game going into the bottom of the ninth and Miles due up... fifth. 

That's right. With one out, Pujols walked and then reached third on a throwing error by the catcher. Molina and Schumaker were intentionally walked ahead of Miles, because if you don't know anything about baseball or the Cardinals you might assume the five-foot five-inch "bench" player is an easier and more sure out than the catcher who just ran in from the bullpen or the speedy, left-hitting outfielder. 

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. 

Bud Black was wrong. 

With the bases loaded, one out, and the game tied in the bottom half of the ninth, all Miles had to do was send a fly ball deep enough to score Albert, hit a single into the gap, or draw a walk. 

Apparently it was overachiever day on Aaron's calendar. Miles took one look at Corey's fastball and pounded it out of the park for a grand slam home run.

p.s.- Jaime GarcĂ­a went five innings and gave up five hits and three runs (all scored on two homers). He struck-out four and walked one, and looked pretty darn decent, especially considering it was his first major league start. I will never make another prediction concerning Jason Isringhausen again, and I take full responsibility for the terror that was the ninth inning.