Saturday, July 26, 2008

a whole other ballgame

Okay, I made a few notes after that devastating sweep by Milwaukee, and now I'd like to make some revisions.

Re: the Brewers series
You can't count on late-inning heroics every game.

Re: game two against the Mets
Hello, Albert. Rescued the team with his 14th inning two-run home run. Talk about your late inning heroics.

Re: the short starts by the starting pitchers
You can't count on your bullpen to pitch five innings every night.

Re: four innings from PiƱeiro
Well, it wasn't five innings, was it? It was ten... And with one glaring exception, they were perfect. (Okay, maybe just good enough. Whatever. We'll take it.) Thompson gets the win.

Re: the lack of offense (especially late in games)
You can't count on your 'pen shutting down the other team every night.

Re: two runs to win it (in the 14th)
See comments above.

Re: the poor performance of the bullpen
You can't count on scoring fifteen runs every game in order to win.

Re: the exceptional performance by the bullpen
Ten should do it, though. Heh heh. Talk about keeping us in the game. McClellan struck-out the side in the eighth, and Thompson only needed five pitches in the 13th to retire the side.

Attn: every other bat in the lineup
You can't count on Albert to hit grand slams every time he comes to bat.

Attn: 21 hits by our offense, and Albert won the game with his FIFTH of the night.
Well, it wasn't a grand slam, was it?