Thursday, April 9, 2009

welcome back, cutter

Warning: I wrote most of this before the game today, then updated it periodically throughout the game, so it probably makes little sense and follows no particular order. 

First, the bad news. Angels rookie starter Nick Adenhart died in a car accident after their game last night. 

Before the news broke, I had planned on talking about what a bad start Wellemeyer had, or how our offense was nowhere to be found, or how we lost 2 of 3 to start the season, but hearing about the tragic death of a young, up-and-coming member of the baseball world kind of makes all that stuff seem insignificant. Cardinals fans can certainly sympathize with that. 

Yeah, he was a rookie. Sure, he had a good Spring and got his chance to take the mound in LA. And it's true that his ERA was, well, whatever it was. But he was somebody's son, somebody's friend. I think we should remember that he was a kid who was living his dream, but he was also just a kid. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and teammates, and the Angels' organization and its fans. 

Here's something positive. Wish I could give you more. Wish there was more to give. 

Last night was a little disappointing. Wellemeyer was disappointing. And where was our offense? I guess Miller looked better. Franklin was right on top of things. Thompson wasn't getting his ground balls, but the 2-run home run wasn't what did us in. 

Okay, deep breath. I can't control what happens, all I can do is hope for a better start, good weather, and that everyone gets home safely. 

Now, the good news. Carpenter is back. No, I mean really back. As in, Cy Young? Oh, I hear that-back. 

How did we ever win a game without him? Okay, maybe that's exaggerating just a tad, but you have to admit, it's a different team with him healthy and effective. He was working the cutter and the breaking ball and looked like the old Chris Carpenter. 

Of course, the rest of the team decided not to participate until the bottom of the seventh, but that's okay, because as it turns out, 2 runs was enough and the 'pen kept us alive. 

His line: 7IP / 1H / 1R / 0ER / 7K / 2BB / 92Pitches / 1,000,000 (or so) happy fans (knock on wood) I don't think there's any other realistic choice for my novio today. 25 points for the woodsmith

Forgot about the lineup yesterday (#003) 1. Rasmus LF 2. Greene SS 3. Pujols 1B 4. Ludwick RF 5. Molina C 6. Ankiel CF 7. Freese 3B 8. Wellemeyer P 9. Ryan 2B 

And here's today's (#004) 1. Schumaker 2B 2. Rasmus CF 3. Pujols 1B 4. Duncan LF 5. Ludwick RF 6. Greene SS 7. Molina C 8. Thurston 3B 9. Carpenter P 

My favorite Al quote from the broadcast: "Knowing Brendan, he said, 'No, Barry, it's all right. It hit the bat.'" 

My least favorite line ever: "And now it's up to the bullpen." Although I have no doubt it'll get easier to hear as the season progresses.

I'll leave you with some of the searches that have lead people to my blog over the last 2 or 3 days. See if you can pick out a recurring theme. 

Why did Yadier Molina dye his hair? 

yadier molina blond hair 

why is Yadier Molina's hair blonde? 

did yadier molina dye his hair? 

Yadier Molina Blonde Hair 

Yadier Molina's blond hair 

So, if you find this post while desperately looking for some explanation for the yellow mess on top of Yadi's head, I apologize. I have no idea why he did it, only that it wasn't blonde at the WBC, but was blonde for Opening Day. My best guess is that it was a lesson of some sort from one (or both) of his brothers for being a little braggadocious about the gold golve. It had to have been, right? He can't have done that on purpose

I promise I'll let it go as soon as it grows out.