Thursday, April 2, 2009

Predictions 2009: NL West

Well, we've done the AL, NL East, and NL Central. That means it's time for the (drumroll, please) NL West. And that means it's time to ask the ever-important question... um, who's left? Not that I don't love the NL West. Really. Let's see, there's the Dodgers, the Rockies, the... Oh, the Pads. ??? No, don't tell me. Ummm... The Giants! And... One more, right? Okay, just one hint. Are they in California? Utah? Iowa? No. I really am at a loss here. Oh, wait... The Diamondbacks!!! Ha! Knew I'd get it eventually. Yes, I watch baseball. What's your point?
And now, my extremely expert and thoroughly researched opinion on how these fine teams will finish the season.
1. ARI Diamondbacks. You have to win the division in this division if you want to make the playoffs, because you can't count on the Wild Card. Good pitching will get them there. 2. LA Dodgers. We're all anxious to see how Manny's 2-year contract works out for the Streetcar Dodgers, and unfortunately for Joe Torre, I don't think it's going to be well. I love Man-Ram, but he can be a bit of a distraction. And occasionally distracted. 3. COL Rockies. They are going to surprise everyone this year (even themselves) because by all accounts, they should be in last place, not competing with LA for second place. 4. SF Giants. Ehh. Tim Lincecum is going to have a great year. Unfortunately, he can't pitch every game. 5. SD Padres. It's not going to be pretty, although I'm hoping (as are all their fans) that it's at least a little less embarrassing than last year. Poor Mark Worrell. (snicker)
Come back tomorrow for the post-season and individual awards. And be sure to check out the rest of the UCB's predictions (which are sure to make up for mine).