Thursday, April 16, 2009

missing you


Well, my rough week is almost over, but things promise to stay hectic for a while. I'm sure you really care.

Anyway, I have indeed been watching the games this week, and I even took the time to jot down a few notes here and there when I saw something noteworthy.

Here's a recap:


  • We don't call him "phat". But thank you very much anyway, girl on FSN's the Final Score whose name I don't know. Idiot.
  • If Tony LaRussa put Brian Barden in the lineup because he felt that the guy could do some damage against the team that let him go, you could say the same thing about the D'backs manager and Felipe López. If he wasn't on my fantasy team, I wouldn't have been nearly as happy about it.
  • I love Aaron Miles and was happy to see his leaping grab make ESPN's top 10 plays, but how did Ryan's diving stop up the right side not make that list? Damn Cubbies.
  • Wellemeyer is my hero, but Barden has to be my novio.


  • First of all, I have no comment about Carp. He's hurt, he'll probably never pitch again on this plane of existence, and the Cards are going to be just fine. Now stop it.
  • The art of the bunt: run deceptively slow so that the pitcher or catcher will feel obligated to throw to first.
  • Thompson pitched, well, adequately, but the pressure brought him down. Then Tony sent him down the river. (And brought up Pérez and Boggs.)
  • Novio? Oh ho ho, it's Yadi, yellow hair and all. A 2RBI double, a stolen base, and a superb play at the plate to get the runner. Yes, that's right, a stolen base. Deceptive, indeed.
  • You know what I love about my fantasy team? No one in my league can root against me because the same guys that are winning for me are also winning for the Cards.


  • Told you.
  • My novio is ba-Dunc-a-dunc. What?


  • Thank goodness Duncan can hit.
  • Thank goodness Ankiel can field/throw.
  • Thank goodness Wainwright can pitch around anything.
  • Thank goodness Khalil finally broke out.
  • Thank goodness for Yadi's arm.
  • Wainwright is my novio, and if it wasn't weird, I'd kiss the tv. Oh, what the heck....

I'll update lineups later.