Thursday, February 19, 2009

jovian notes

First, I'm such a girl. I shouldn't tell you this, but when I was reading the latest entry over at Cardinal Beat and got to the end where I found this

Of how he will be greeted in St. Louis, Miles looked in the direction of a new Cubs teammate in the clubhouse here and said, “I hope it’s somewhat close to the way So (Taguchi) was treated. Nothing but applause.”

I started getting a little misty-eyed. Well, whether I'm at the park or on my couch for that first game, I'll be applauding. (sniff)


Spring Training updates are coming in pretty regularly thanks to the valiant efforts of our dedicated Cardinals reporters and photographers. If you aren't already paying a daily (if not more frequent) visit to the photo section at, you're missing out. The sun. The grass. The uniforms. The sombreros.

Real quickly: Sounds like (knock on wood) Carp is coming along beautifully. The Dunc-inator finally earned a decent nickname. (Yes, I consider that decent.) Schu took a line drive ball in the gut. (Is it me, or is that a pretty rare occurence for second basemen, just generally speaking?) And Piñeiro is still the fifth starter (despite his ungracious withdrawal from the PR team).

Speaking of Piñeiro, I can't help but wonder about the t-shirt he was wearing during the press conference yesterday. Really, Joel? I suspect that wouldn't be allowed if it were in English.

Finally, a note about the latest UCB project: the Roundtable. Pitchers Hit Eighth has the first round, and he'll be posting his question and all the bloggers' responses tomorrow on his site. C70 will carry a complete schedule, and I highly recommend that you check it out. It will be a month of non-stop entertainment, to be sure.