Friday, February 27, 2009

getting ready for the season

Spring sure feels good. It would feel a lot better if I could see the games, but barring my winning the lottery in the next few days (which is unlikely seeing as I don't buy tickets or ever win anything), I guess I'll just have to settle for some radio coverage from the big 550. I don't love 550, but they'll do. They're actually covering quite a few games this spring, so I guess I can give them that.

I briefly considered subscribing to (and am in fact still weakly considering it). I heard from several sources that it's better than it was last year (not that that means anything to me), and they've got Wellemeyer's start today against the Mets (which I would love to see), but $14.95 a month? For exhibition games? Being there in person would be one thing (and probably worth the cost), but watching on my crappy computer with no sound (because no, I still have not figured out what I did to my speakers or how to get the sound back, thank you) is not worth much to me. (Actually, I think I somehow uninstalled the sound device driver--don't think for a minute that I know what that means--and do not appear to have any CD in my current possession that contains the re-installation stuff I need.)

Someday I will get to Jupiter for some live ST action, but not this year. (Someday I will buy a computer that doesn't need its sleep and then sound like it's revving up every time I turn it on.)

Sounds like I'm going to have to start on my next lost cause project. Say what you want about Izzy (on second thought, strike that), he will forever remain one of my favorite Cardinals. He was easy to love for a while, but when things went south, people turned on him. (That whole issue is still pretty sore for me, but I admit I can understand the sentiment on an intellectual level. On an emotional level, it's a different story.)

At any rate, Izzy's gone now (sniff), and as luck would have it, there's someone else on my list of favorite Cardinals who is taking a lot of criticism. Not to give anything away, but he's the subject of the latest round in the UCB Roundtable, and based on the responses I've read so far, whatever small amount of compassion there was for him is fading fast. So, in the spirit of rooting for the underdog (and maybe just a little leftover oppositional defiant disorder from my childhood), I'm lending my full support to... well, you'll just have to wait and read the transcript of the discussion over at Redbirds Row.

Along those same lines, I've been thinking about the 2009 blogging season. I was trying to come up with a merit and/or demerit system for the players this year (kind of like C70's goats and heroes), but after dismissing several less-than-spectacular original ideas (not the minority of which involved pie), I decided to just steal an idea. (And you thought I had principles!) There's a defunct (or maybe retired is a better term) blog (BatGirl--a Twins blog) whose author awarded the titles of "boyfriend" and "boyfriend of the day" to players she felt were worthy. (There are probably other female bloggers out there using variations of the system as well.)

From the B.O.D. and Boyfriends FAQ:

What is a boyfriend? A "boyfriend" is that special Twins player that makes your heart go pitter pat. It has nothing to do with physical attraction; straight men can have Twins boyfriends as can gay women as can neutered Batkitties! Everyone can have a Twins boyfriend!

What is the Boyfriend of the Day, or B.O.D? With every Twins victory the B.O.D. Supreme High Commandress will select that... boyfriend who has most contributed to said victory.

Just replace "Twins" with "Cardinals", and it's almost like I came up with this all by myself! (In all seriousness, she was an amazing blogger and I miss her terribly. However, that will not stop me from hijacking her idea.)

I will, of course, make some minor adjustments. The first one will be to change several words into Spanish. Boyfriend will henceforth be Novio, and B.O.D. will be known as N.D.D. (novio del día). Presto! A semi-original-ish idea!

Also, for logistical reasons, the N.D.D. will not be chosen merely from the list of current novios (or singular novio), but rather from a pre-determined list of players. More details will be available later.

I will undertake the duties of the B.O.D. Supreme High Commandress, but I will not be assuming the title. You can continue to think of me as la beisbolista or Sarah-bug. Additionally, since I do not have a "team" as it were, all final decisions will be mine. If anyone is actually reading this (and not too embarrassed to contribute), I'll gladly accept suggestions in the comments section of any post.

The complete list of rules and regulations will be published shortly (before the beginning of the regular season, at least), so keep on the lookout as I know you're anxious to see how this turns out.