Friday, February 20, 2009

and so it begins . . .

I'm working on my 25 random baseball things list, I promise, but as it develops, I thought I'd spend just a second promoting the latest UCB project--the Roundtable--which got started over at PHE this morning. The idea is for everyone (or at least most everyone) to share their opinions and maybe a little discussion about Cardinals-related topics. The question we got to start things off was this:

In light of the way the free agent market has progressed, do you think the Cards jumped the gun extending Kyle Lohse’s contract? Lohse’s deal now stands as one of the largest for a pitcher this off-season…huge gaffe or merely bad timing?

Click on over and have a gander at the responses, then count the seconds and pace nervously as you await the second installment tomorrow over at The Rundown at RFT. Nope, no hints. Sorry.