Monday, December 1, 2008

seconds, anyone?

So Edgar Rentería is available....

Interesting turn of events considering the amount of talk there's been surrounding him. I thought for sure the Tigers would offer. Not that they wanted to keep him, but to get the picks. Shows what I know.

Do the Cardinals find a way to sign him now? Was the rumored (and as it turned out, false) contract with the Giants a realistic idea (2 years/$18 million) of what it's going to take? Would Moze be amenable to that kind of deal with a 33-year old player?

And maybe most importantly, would the combination of Rentería at short, López at second, and Miles as back-up give us a chance to win?

And on an unrelated note, can anyone tell me why I can't get my stupid RSS feed for comments to update? If I knew the first darn thing about html or rss or whatever the problem is, I'd fix it. Grrrr....