Wednesday, December 10, 2008

and in this corner . . .

Last night I was feeling just a tad overwhelmed by the piles of work I have to do and the extremely limited (11 days) amount of time in which I have to get them done. I may have gone off the radar a little as far as reality and sense, but I think I'm back now, so worry not.

So the Dodgers have decided not to renew their original 2-yr/$45 million offer to Manny, even though his agent has humbly requested they do so or he'll eat their children. Color me shocked.

Sabathia may be the proud owner of the biggest pitching contract in MLB history, earning a reportedly historical $161 million over 7 years. It's hard to imagine this not coming back to bite the Yankees in the butt, what with the stunningly unfortunate results from some of the longer pitching contracts handed out in recent years. Oh well, it's not my team, my division, or even my league. As long as C.C.'s not pitching for the Brewers anymore, I don't really care.

The Cardinals (yes, the St Louis Cardinals) may have offered to K-Rod. Actually, considering what he ended up getting (3/$37), I'm almost surprised they didn't get him. Again, it helps us a great deal to know that the top FA closer (if you believe his press) isn't going to bankrupt anybody with his contract. That will make our negotiations for Fuentes or Wood (or whomever) much easier to swallow. It's nice the Mets are keeping the market honest.

Speaking of Wood, he may end up in Cleveland with A-Rey. Sounded like the Indians were interested in Izzy for a while, but if he has his way he'll back in STL next year. (Pause to give the "teacher glare" to anyone who makes a single negative comment.)

Jason Marquis is weighing down the Cubs, and they're looking to lose his contract in order to make room for a certain someone special. Anybody up for a reunion? Just kidding. Kind of. (If I remember correctly, Marquis had a knack for pitching brilliantly for about the first half of the season and then not for the second.) It may end up that Marquis gets shipped to San Diego in the trade, and the Cubbies would cover half his salary. Nothing like paying somebody $5 million to take a player off your hands.

Trever Miller is only guaranteed $500K in 2009? Wow, I guess he really does want to play here. Not to mention that $1.5 million is some serious incentive to play well. Does he know how Tony works his 'pen?

All of a sudden (I guess) Rick "firearm" Ankiel is at the top of a few lists around the league. His story is such a big part of Cardinals history, and it would just completely suck to see him playing somehwere else. However, if the trade is favorable to our starting rotation or bullpen, and he'd be going somewhere where he could play everyday, then I think it's something Moze has got to do. I won't be the first (or the last) to remark that we have an excess of left-handed hitters, as well as an excess of outfielders in general, and it's reasonable to think that Rick would be happier playing full-time than off the bench (as would any self-respecting player).

César Izturis has found a home in Baltimore, and I wish him (and the Orioles) all the best in their new life together. Too bad about that offense, César.

Okay, now I want to mention one more thing, and while it's just a rumor, it's very... interesting. The Cubs (the Chicago Cubs) might also be looking to lose Zambrano's (Carlos Zambrano's) contract if they can pick up Peavy. Can I go ahead and put him on my wish list? I mean, even if it's just a bunch of bologna? Please?