Monday, December 15, 2008

not so fast

Another short post, but this one's on-topic at least.

I'm dreaming that the mystery bidder interested in Pettitte's services is in fact our team. I'm thinking it's between us, the Dodgers, and the Braves. And maybe the BoSox. Or possibly the Jays. And I wouldn't count out Cleveland. Or San Francisco. So basically, it could be anyone, but I would be very excited to hear that John Mozeliak has been running up his phone bill calling wherever it is that Andy lives during the off season. 3 years $36 million wouldn't be so bad for the lefty, as far as I'm concerned. He's probably got 3 good years left. And if we're going to spend the money, I'd rather spend it on him than on Fuentes, to be frank.