Saturday, December 13, 2008

the last dusty fountain

From Matthew Leach over on The Site:

Fuentes is the guy, and the Cardinals believe they can get it done. Other clubs believed to have expressed interest in the left-hander include the Tigers, Brewers and Angels.

"I don't get into offers and that type of thing," Mozeliak said, "but I would characterize it as, it's more than just exploration at this point."

Brian Fuentes wants 3 years/$33 million. The Angels are probably offering close to that. Mozeliak has indicated that he doesn't want to give any more than 2 years/$20 million.

"...believe they can get it done," eh? It makes me wonder if we have some kind of incriminating photos of him....

Actually, maybe that's the way to go. Instead of scouts, the Cards could hire private investigators to follow around other teams' biggest prospects, then in a few years, when they're ready to become free agents, we could swoop in with evidence that they'd had an affair or used drugs or cheated at Scrabble, and presto! Top notch players at bargain basement prices. Heck, if it wouldn't draw too much attention we could probably have them for the league minimum.

Speaking of closers, I think we should have gone after Wood when he was still available. Oh, and since I'm playing that game, I don't think we ever should have given up Dan Haren for that Mulder guy.