Thursday, September 3, 2009

dum, da da dum!

Speaking of the otherworldly amazingness of the indispensible Chris Carpenter ("Carp" to his admirers), guess who is the NL Pitcher of the Month for August!

Drumroll, please!....

The pitcher of the mo--

No, it's not Dave Bush.

The p--

No, I don't mean Barry Zito, either.

It's Chr--

No, not Ted Lilly--okay, just stop guessing, because I didn't really mean for you to guess anyway. I'll just tell you. It's Car--

Not Joe Blanton.


Well, now I'm not sure I want to tell you after all.


No, not Wandy Rodriguez.


Bronson Arroyo? Really? No! It's Chri--


Are you done?



It's Chris Carpenter.

Leave me alone.