Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I had a lovely dream about Kyle Lohse last night, the details of which I won't press upon you, but which leads me to believe that Kyle has seen the last of his hard-luck (and less than stellar) starts and will soon reclaim his role as "Mr. Reliable". 

I know it's Wednesday, but I was so sure that last night's game was going to be a wash (ie, rained out) that I gave up and went to bed and completely missed pitching Tuesday. 

Anyway, nothing really needs to be said about Wainwright, much less Carpenter, and Pineiro is fast winning my heart, and so I thought I'd give you my feelings about the guy we all desperately want to count on once again. 

First, I'm really glad he's ours for the next millenium or so. I like the feeling of security that comes with a long-term contract, especially with good players. Second, I think he's destined for great things before his career is over. Nothing specific, just a general sense of expectancy. And third, it truly was a lovely dream....