Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I deal with a lot of death in my line of work. Some deaths leave you with a sense of closure and peace while some tear your heart right out of your chest, leaving a gaping, bloody, stinking hole where your hopes and dreams used to be, then punch you squarely in the face and laugh as you crumple to the floor in a pathetic heap.


Well, three things crossed my mind upon hearing about the trade.

(1) I'll be under the covers crying softly for the next two or three weeks if anyone needs me.

(2) John Mozeliak has some balls. And no heart. I think he must be made of plastic or something. Oh, I understand the motive. He wants to win. He wants to keep Albert Pujols happy, and his plan to accomplish this apparently involves filling up the roster with strangers and mercenaries who will (hopefully) get us into October and then quietly slip out the back door while no one's looking. However, as open-minded as I claim to be, I'm not sure I approve of the means.

The thing is, now that he's made this move, he really needs to bring the hammer down on the whole Roy Halladay situation. If he is truly committed to "the plan" as one would have to assume considering the weight of this decision, then he'd better stick to his guns and finish what he started.

And (3) Wait, don't we already have a shortstop? Or two?

Here's what Moze had to say about the trade:

Chris Duncan was drafted and developed by this organization, and in addition to being a talented player we all recognize him as a high-quality individual. He was an important part of our World Championship club in 2006. I know I speak for our entire organization when I say that we are grateful to Chris for what he has given to the Cardinals and our fans.

Chris Duncan. Some defensive blunders mixed in with some clutch hitting, and, well, it's like a roller coaster ride that you love and hate all at the same time.

Be good to my ba-Dunc-a-dunc, BoSox fans. I know where you live.